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Anyone up for lunch? #wdcnz

@UmbrellarNZ Thank you for a great evening. I will be attending the next #wdcnz in 2017. Fantastic team effort. @aurynn was inspirational.

All the feedback on my #wdcnz talk has been great - thank you all so much!

#wdcnz-mini was a great format. Many thanks to @wdcnz for putting it on when a full-stack event wasn't possible. #wdcnz

How many 6-timers did we have tonight? #wdcnz OR @wdcnz

So, how many pokemon were caught during #wdcnz?

.@fox on the necessity of good culture in your development process #wdcnz

β€œWe can make it really complicated, because we’re really talented that way.” πŸ˜„ @fox at #wdcnz

HTML without CSS? All hail <blink> and <marquee>! #wdcnz OR @wdcnz

Vett contributors for "big company influence"? Defined how? #wdcnz OR @wdcnz

Woo! Talk went great! Thanks #wdcnz!

I'm a web dev #wdcnz widow this evening!

So, how many pokemon trainers does it take to fill a tech cinference? #wdcnz OR @wdcnz

Really getting a lot out of this #wdcnz session πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

It's that time of year again! #wdcnz @wdcnz

So can anyone explain what happened to @wdcnz, @buildmaster, @wrumsby? I was looking forward to it and just discovered that it's gone #wdcnz


Seriously breaks my heart that this amazing conference has come to an end 😭 #wdcnz

@sarahmei come visit us next time you're in Wellington, NZ, and see for yourself! We loved your talks at #wdcnz and #rubyconfau.

Super stoked with the rebranding we have done for @wdcnz check it out #seeyouthere #wdcnz

@ammeep I still trying hard to incorporate the ideas from your #wdcnz talk about rest interfaces. Links to newer ones?

RT @SoftwireUK: @thestarvis's final reports from the #WDCNZ Web Dev conference:


@buildmaster @wdcnz @webstock +1 for #wdcnz I'm afraid!

@thestarvis's final reports from the #WDCNZ Web Dev conference:

@thestarvis with further reports from the #WDCNZ Web Dev conference:

@WalkerJono saw him (@robconery) last year talk at #wdcnz in Wellington, comparing major js frameworks. Was amazing.

@thestarvis reports from the #WDCNZ Web Dev conference: