There is a long list of Xero customers involved in #Xerocon. So cool that customers build & speak at the event!

Checking out furniture for the #Xerocon party today! Exciting and it's coming so fast!

Can't wait to speak alongside a hero, Sir Ranulph Fiennes at #XEROCON in Feb 2016 -

.@mjfaccountancy I just enjoyed reading thanks for writing about it. Be great to meet you at #xerocon 2016

It will be fab to attend #xerocon! Love all my #cloudcomputing systems that @FlyingFoxIT has set up for me! Thanks!

Thanks for inviting me to #Xerocon @freshfinancials - can't wait. Love @Xero and all my #cloudcomputing systems!

Hi @ChadSanHQ, really excited to see you are bringing so many people to #Xerocon! Who are you looking forward to hearing speak?

We managed to convince @fredmacaulay to be our host for #Xerocon London in February. Can't have too many Scots IMHO.

Check out what's in store for #Xerocon London 2016, and get your early bird tickets now!

Cakes in the office this morning and news about #xerocon can this day get any better?!

Gearing up at #Xerocon

Just booked our #Xerocon London 16 tickets! Whoop Whoop - very excited @Xero @FlyingFoxIT @EmmaPearce1 @lucy150787

Don't have time not to skate at conferences. And there was acres of smooth concrete #xerocon

Great seeing fellow #xerocon band member @Eye_on_Books Charles Klvana at Def Leppard show tonight. #RocknRollBros

@beclaut @freshfinancials @lucy150787 Thanks for inviting me along, fab lunch, great company. Even more excited now about #xerocon


@freshfinancials @FlyingFoxIT @lucy150787 such a pleasure. Can't wait to meet again on the dance floor #xerocon

Exciting news #xerocon scheduled for August 2016 in San Francisco @xero @kiwilark #SleeterCon


Did we just hear correctly? Next U.S. #XeroCon is August in SF #SleeterCon

I am attending the #xerocon in Battersea in Feb. Has anyone used #airbnb before? can you recommend it for accomodation?

Today's to do list has got me all excited for #xerocon #xero #connectedbookkeeper Have you booked your tickets yet?

How about planning for #Xerocon 2016 USA here we come

Over 50% of stands already sold out #Xerocon. Space is selling super fast. Don't miss meeting over 1200 accountants

That's not long after our vey first #xerocon together #goforgold @DeniseTwigger @Xero

#Xerocon London 2016 accommodation booked! Can't wait for another 2 days of inspiration at Battersea #Xero #platinum

#Xerocon London is coming! See you and the @Xero team at Battersea Evolution, 8 - 10 February 2016

Three months from now I'll be having a lie down in a darkened room. #xerocon

3 month Countdown to #xerocon London 2016 .@xero

@beclaut it was buzzing last time. Can't wait #xerocon


3 month Countdown to #xerocon London 2016


Super excited to see our #xerocon event management company using @xero on our visit this morning!

I thought #xerocon was big. At #WebSummit2015 in Dublin with 30,000 attendees.

From #Xerocon to the #XeroRoadshow, we're back in Denver! Learn more:

All the best to #Xerocon bookkeeping partner of the year @CarbonGroupAcc in the Australian Accounting Awards tonight

Fingers crossed for #Xerocon marketing award winner @Marketing_Verve in the Australian Accounting Awards tonight.

@bensmith82 how long ago was #Xerocon! Finally @stubbsparkin are moving!

@Justin_Hobbs122 - can you do me a favor & tweak my profile to show that I attended #xerocon in the US both times? Pretty please? TIA!


#throwbackthursday to the eWAY robot enjoying #xerocon @xero. Thanks Retail Express! #drawingmadehimbetterlooking