Just watching #TheApprentice and can't wait to see @karren_brady at #XeroCon will be fantastic. Book early bird tickets and join us.

Time to embrace great brands and realise the uniqueness of Kiwi culture going global - see it live at #Xerocon UK... http://t.co/g3WKUVrICu

Really excited about signing up so many great exhibitors for #xerocon London. It's gonna be big!

Cloud Accounting vs Traditional Accounting: Which is better for your #business? http://t.co/y01IOqwqjM @Xero #XeroCon http://t.co/2Hy2UhsYMp


If you missed the official UK #Xerocon Launch webinar with @garyturner, watch it again here: http://t.co/LflkjRaq2o ^AD


@HeatherSmithAU A shorter flight, no doubt! I'm fired up to head to #Xerocon here in #london next year. Should be great!

@obatt I'm venturing to #Xerocon New Zealand next year :)


Thanks for the follow @HeatherSmithAU - I hope I post some items of interest for you! Are you coming to #xerocon #london next year?

Time to embrace great brands and realise the uniqueness of Kiwi culture going global - see it live at #Xerocon UK... http://t.co/OXePyKeLTT

@ggaessler No worries mate! Look forward to seeing you in Denver in June this year, let's organise something for the #xerocon peeps.

@pracplus @xumagazine that would be too easy! No I'm coming to kiwi land! #Xerocon

One step closer to #xerocon - train tickets booked at ridiculously cheap rate, don't mind telling you now we've got ours!

@Xero @garyturner I meant to ask also... will there be dodgems like Sydney #xerocon? Or will there be something even more awesome in store?

@Xero #xerocon tickets bought very excited about going to the coolest show in london town next year!

Team Satago is looking forward to seeing lots of @Xero accountants and bookkeepers at #Xerocon London next year!

Looking forwards to the annual @roddrury vs. @garyturner arm waving competition #xerocon https://t.co/ZB48q4OgwO http://t.co/a9rUkCwF2y

@ronanq @XeroAPI #xerocon aw tis a pity was looking forward to catching up but you're skills are needed in nz

@TWintheCloud @karren_brady I'm not sure, but maybe she will think about it after #xerocon

Can't wait for #xerocon London http://t.co/94BOXoylIm. Now just need to get to the scanner @MsNeensMM!


@MaloneAidan sadly no #xerocon for me, but a couple of the @xeroapi team will be over to talk add-ons :)

Before the internet, all we nerds had to go on was Michael Rodd (MC for #xerocon 2015) and BBC Tomorrow's World - http://t.co/eY5VqUD44c

#Xerocon London event registration finished, tested, broken and fixed again. @cvent support has been phenomenal. 46 hours to launch *gulp*

@TheLBAGroup @slingoring @Xero Congrats, Shelly and LBA!! See you at #xerocon!

Phew - main speaker for #Xerocon London 2015 confirmed. Want to know who it is? Tune in on Thursday to find out more https://t.co/7C8ovii5yo

Huge to-do list this week. #Xerocon London 2015 is coming. Amazing speakers-check, coffee-check, band-check, other exciting stuff-check!

Way to go @slingoring MT @Xero: Congrats to @TheLBAGroup who won the top Xero prize at #solutions14 - a trip to #xerocon! See you there!!

@MsNeensMM Massive job. Amazeballs team. Awesome event #XeroCon :-)

@MsNeensMM I'm gonna be SECOND on the list #XeroCon :-)


Congrats to @thelbagroup who won the top Xero prize at #solutions14 - a trip to #xerocon! See you there!! ^OG

Sooo, I just registered for #Xerocon London 2015. First guest on the list* *I'm just testing the registration system. IT WORKS!!!!

I think this guys preparing to win a @xero award at the next #xerocon http://t.co/l2DeH8hYR7


Looking forward to #Xerocon London 2015? Find out what we have planned for you on our webinar with @garyturner http://t.co/9ZTepzn0M7 ^NM

Be there or be ❒ RT @Xero: #xerocon US announced! Register here & save the date: http://t.co/Ok8QVYdUbn ^OG http://t.co/wsyCGIjYNr

@liveca_chad HELLO my new friend February #xerocon is not far away!

#solutions14 exhibits close soon. Have you dropped off your scratchers to go in the draw for a trip to #xerocon? ^OG http://t.co/j0LfObA5ol


#solutions14 Today's the day to drop off your Xero scratcher to go into the draw to win a trip to #xerocon! http://t.co/87sOd6SS9L ^OG

For those who missed #Xerocon, take a look at what to expect from the new @Xero Dashboard: https://t.co/27In8uD2X9


On our blog: a recap of news from #solutions14: #xerocon US & a new data-driven performance dashboard coming soon http://t.co/aZ1nG3FlUQ ^OG

Visit us at #solutions14 to get a scratcher to win awesome prizes including a trip to #xerocon US! #xoxoxero ^OG http://t.co/oZujeDOQA7

@roddrury Yes @DanethaDoe come to New Zealand #xerocon / it'll be amazing wont it @VicsterNZ !! I'm going :-)

@VicsterNZ I've got my knitting bag ready for NZ #Xerocon :)

Thanks @Xero @trent_mclaren @eWAY_ Thats what #xerocon is all about great partnerships with great businesses.

@Shaz_CM haha! That's so great! Maybe #Xerocon needs a costume contest this year


@trent_mclaren @AccountAspects @eWAY_ Great to see that #xerocon was able to bring you all together! Happy accounting Leigh! MH