66 days until #xerocon Denver - have you got your ticket yet? http://t.co/wLLwEugtVh ^AD http://t.co/FcXFYeLmYn

It's official: we're attending & exhibiting at #Xerocon Auckland in April! http://t.co/8xM1TKp4zG http://t.co/x03DJPBnCE

ICYMI @ONECLICK_Mark explains how @ONECLICK_Apps is different to other its competition http://t.co/w6OdxfG7gn #Xerocon

Got some awesome snail mail today

RT @floatapp: How perceptions of accountants are changing: An ode to #Xerocon London 2015 http://t.co/FnKLTffuWY http://t.co/ZUt5sZHMle

We're delighted to be awarded with Accounting partner of the year - North from @Xero at this year's #Xerocon: http://t.co/XtiGxoAPMx

Just one week to get your nominations in for the NZ @Xero Awards! #Xerocon http://t.co/kueCrWEEU5 http://t.co/frNbzIkyWv


Admiring the enterprise saas marketing by Xero this AM. Esp #xerocon - an acctg conference?? http://t.co/e2Xki1fYde

@gillmckerrowDGH Ha! I reckon next #Xerocon tweet that Xero M.D. Chris Rock is up next. ;) That’ll help it trending! Hope to see you soon...

How perceptions of accountants are changing: An ode to #Xerocon London 2015 http://t.co/72F51AS8uE http://t.co/XpJNDfSM9b

@MsNeensMM Thank you for the lovely card you sent us! We just loved being part of #Xerocon London. ^GP


Wow! Need a blogger? ;) “@Xero: Announcing Stephen J. Dubner, author of @freakonomics to speak at #xerocon Denver! http://t.co/taDWRDupfi

Announcing Stephen J. Dubner, author of @freakonomics to speak at #xerocon Denver! http://t.co/OWj3pFFgJD ^OG http://t.co/uzOdw3X9IJ

The look on my face the song in my head when I think about the family getting back together again #Xerocon Book Now http://t.co/EHk9X7sDY6

@Xero There was a feature announced at #xerocon which let you to recode quickly multiple invoices / lines. When is that likely to go live?

@Xero now that's dedication. #Xerocon

Looking forward to @Xero: #xerocon 2015 - Auckland, Denver, Melbourne: #BestYearYet2015 http://t.co/IyRngOUZCq http://t.co/LefObNmwVC

#xerocon 2015 - our accounting tech show is coming to Auckland, Denver, Melbourne: http://t.co/m70r7aQlNB ^OG http://t.co/MhsCHH23iV

It is now less than 150 days to #XeroCon Melbourne! Hit the star below if you want to come! http://t.co/PoIScawT7q

Sue Pak  

Partners coming to NZ #Xerocon - award nominations close soon http://t.co/1Y7eanm8WD http://t.co/ccAMsTcbjf http://t.co/wiRcFQw6GU

@AndrewW5150 cheers for the #xerocon pick it's come in real handy at the family bbq. http://t.co/ZN7mPyN1Gl

@saulcolt You may be one of the few at @Xero I haven't met yet. Still plenty of time before #XeroCon Denver, though. @catchingclouds


A year ago today, I accepted an offer from @Xero, and last month we launched UK Payroll at #Xerocon. What a ride. :) http://t.co/hTOmHff5sk

@GoFi8ure this must be our house for Melbourne #Xerocon nice one wifey! Ax cc @NumberNurses

Especially for you! @roddrury @AshTag_86 If we practice back flips now, maybe we could pull those off by next year! #xerocon

I can't wait for August...#Xerocon Melbourne then onto the @netballworldcup in Sydney - countdown is on

We've just been informed we have a space at #xerocon Denver, are you going @CrunchBoards #BestYearYet2015

#xerocon is on strea.ma - All your social updates in one clever stream http://t.co/yOeNbh9Gde via @Strea_ma

Just to prove Xerocon was not all serious, bookkeepers can have fun too you know #xeroconphotobooth #xerocon #Xero http://t.co/4NgPFdsOyR

We were delighted to be awarded with Accounting Partner of the Year - North by @Xero at this year's #Xerocon http://t.co/t7BD1ekApj

Sue Pak  

Partners coming to NZ #Xerocon - get your award nominations in before end of March http://t.co/1Y7eanm8WD http://t.co/ccAMsTcbjf

@Xero done! #xerocon in #melbourne in 2015!!

#XeroCon: It all came down to one slide...via @thewowcompany http://t.co/kvMPefP0Mh

We caught up with Kieron of @crunchboards at #xerocon and had a chat with him... http://t.co/iAAd8wl2In

We caught up with Kieron of @crunchboards at #xerocon and had a chat with him http://t.co/Kqq78rjRvL

@LucidBooks My absolute pleasure! Too bad #Blue gets carsick on long drives to #Utah... LOL Hope to see you at #xerocon #Denver

" The Amazing 1st HIT listen&Subscribe http://t.co/mK2rrgpRyb Elie First Song #غنى_قلبي #ElieEliaWorld #xerocon #xerocon #XOVoxBox

A quick interview with @Crunchboards at #Xerocon - "Excel on steroids" http://t.co/St0Z4yEb3d


Thanks so much to @MsNeensMM @Xero for lovely card. We loved every minute of #xerocon. See you soon! http://t.co/Wj1fb9bs8U

Heard @iRowan speak at #Xerocon and thought I'd give @WiredUK a read. Haven't a clue what this is about ... http://t.co/NP2qh4wa0m

It's that time again! #xerocon #xero #marketing #startup #startupaus #fintech #accounting #auckland #nz