Post a few pics from the London #xeroroadshow earlier this month http://t.co/tyRFZI7khr ^OG

@LeighStallard @Xero @LaurencePMoore @KinderPocock @stephenpathome sorry for late response, had a twitter meltdown! Was a fab #xeroroadshow

What a great write up about our recent #XeroRoadshow http://t.co/vgOFYeVOYr Thanks @TaitWalker

Manchester, Bristol, London, Birmingham, Leeds and Southampton, it was great to see you for the #xeroroadshow, but it's so good to be home.


Thanks @TaitWalker for the great review of our UK #xeroroadshow. 2 new leads on the train ride home - awesome! http://t.co/9skx0i76MR ^OG

@glen_foster and @xero thanks for the #xeroroadshow today, very useful day and a pleasure to be part of the panel session!

Sounds like @TaitWalker had a great time at our Leeds #xeroroadshow http://t.co/jjLmOf1VN9

ā€œ@Xero: Yummy snacks going down well at the #xeroroadshow ^NM http://t.co/aQ3UzTg36Zā€ hey we had the same idea hey @albnside

Yummy snacks going down well at the #xeroroadshow ^NM http://t.co/XV32ghLeU0

Beautiful morning at the #xeroroadshow Southampton. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. http://t.co/zTE0189tTZ


Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Southampton #xeroroadshow tomorrow

Excellent time at #xeroroadshow in Leeds. Really Beautiful Software. Ask me.

#xeroroadshow smelly cheese...

"@Receipts_Ella: .@colemanbradshaw have a chocolate bell? Sounds like my kind of firm ;) #xeroroadshow" #kitkats other choc may be available

Great day going down at the #xeroroadshow in Leeeds. Xero in action - right here! http://t.co/9I81PLyzEP

.@colemanbradshaw have a chocolate bell? Sounds like my kind of firm ;) #xeroroadshow

Some great insights from the @xero partner panel this morning at the #xeroroadshow on going paperless @stephenpathome @CB_hayley @CB__scott

@MsNeensMM @The_Tetley Hope it goes well today for the #XeroRoadshow - have fun!

Very nice evening with @dazglanville @KatBond85 @ValuedDavid looking forward to #xeroroadshow @Xero in Leeds

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the #XeroRoadshow in Birmingham today!

That's the last #xeroroadshow partner panel done. Phew #wheresthegin @Xero http://t.co/JjgZO40v6r

Some pure gold being spoken by our Partner Panel at the #xeroroadshow . @stephenpathome @KinderPocock @LaurencePMoore Sian Kelly.

Ahhh lovely to see a recap of #xerocon at #xeroroadshow #happydays @Xero